1:Matching application

Available to use in consumer to consumer , business to consumer , consumer to business and business to business.

2:Interactive Platform

Use current resources effectively like AIRBNB, Car sharing , Sharing real-time location with the people like ride sharing Uber.


Flexible for every digital payment, credit, online payment, Cryptocurrency.


Data Analytics , automatic translation , quick customer support function


All tools and machines are equipped with IoT automation, sensor, self service.

6:Support for Disasters

Early support by matching machines and humans for disaster damages.


Sharing economy of machines and tools for construction industry, reuse items and reduce vain manufacture and purchasing, effective for individual investment .

8:Environment conservation

Contribute for the earth economically , speedy problem solving and communication for the whole earth.

offshore development

Japan currently ranks among the best in Asia for low wages and high quality work. It is also possible to train excellent engineers in Asia in Japan. We will develop or support at low cost with world-class technical skills and passion for work.

And it is said to be a safe and peaceful region even in these days when the international situation is intensifying.


We always provide the peace of mind and machines anywhere.

「INFINITY」to support speedy improvement from disasters.




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